Verax Site Management

Verax Site Management enables compete control over every aspect of complex infrastructure projects such as fiber & wireless backhaul site built-outs, fiber-to-the tower, cell site rollout, etc. by providing a holistic view of all projects, sites and resources in a single, unified system.

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  • Central repository of all projects with a single pane of glass progress overview.
  • Predefined project templates for fiber and wireless backhaul site build outs.
  • Complete project information: name, description, status, priority, %¬†completed and others.
  • Project schedule information: baseline and actual start & end dates, efforts and durations.
  • Forecasting: adjusting schedule based on a current work progress.
  • Gantt charts with critical path visualization.
  • Project templates for a rapid creation of repeatable projects and tasks.
  • Project notes with full history (author, date, etc.).
  • User-defined fields for extending/customizing projects.
  • Project teams: managers and regular team members.
  • Searchable, file attachments for storing additional project documents.
  • History: tracking changes to project elements such as: general project information, tasks, etc. for back-tracking.
  • Communication plan information.
  • Project action lists.
  • Breakdown of project tasks: name, description, priority owner and others.
  • My tasks dashboard for displaying tasks assigned to the currently logged-on user.
  • Task scheduling: auto scheduled and constrained (as-soon-as-possible, no-earlier-than) tasks.
  • Ready-to-use pre-defined workflow templates for fiber and wireless backhaul site built-outs, fiber-to-the tower, microwave backhaul, cell site rollout, etc.
  • Tasks dependencies (e.g. Start-to-Finish), also on tasks in other projects.
  • Task lags for dependencies (e.g. start work two days after a predecessor has been completed).
  • Critical paths.
  • Predecessors and successors dependencies view for each task.
  • Searchable file attachments for individual tasks.
  • Keep track of project/task deliverables: name, description, responsible person, etc.
  • Scheduling information: due date and status (e.g. new, delivered).
  • A single task can have multiple deliverables.
  • User-defined fields for extending/customizing deliverables.
  • Keep track of project change requests: name, description, category (add/drop functionality, change of scope, etc.), priority, requesting person, etc.
  • Scheduling information: due date and status (e.g. new, approved).
  • List of associated tasks in a project affected by a change request.
  • User-defined fields for extending/customizing change requests.
  • Keep track of project issues: name, description, reporting person, responsible person, etc.
  • Scheduling information: due date and status (e.g. new, resolved).
  • Issue notes.
  • Issue actions and resolutions.
  • User-defined fields for extending/customizing change requests.
  • Configurable project watchers, i.e. users receiving information about changes in a project via email.
  • User-configured notifications for project events (new project/task, etc.).
  • Generation of reports in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats.
  • Graphically designed report templates.
  • Scheduled report generation times (e.g. every Friday at 5 PM).
  • Configurable report retention times.
  • Automatic report distribution via email to the configured user groups.
  • Advanced filtering with user-defined, persistent filter configurations.
  • Bulk edit enabling users to change properties of multiple objects (projects, tasks, etc.) in a single action.
  • User configurable selection of visible/hidden columns.
  • Text search capable of searching in attachments such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF files.
  • User-defined fields for extending/customizing projects, tasks and other items.
  • CSV imports and exports for projects, tasks and other items.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and multi-edition for efficient handling of large number of projects and tasks.
  • On-line help.

System requirements

Commercial: Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, 2016, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Open source: Linux and Open Solaris.

Commercial: Oracle (version 10 or higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher).

Free: Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Verax Site Management runs on any web browser supporting Adobe Flash technology version 9 or higher, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.