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WSO2 monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM WSO2 management plugin enables easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting for WSO2 SOA middleware platform.

The plugin supports WSO2 4.8.0 and higher over JMX.

General server information

The plugin enables monitoring and provides a graphical view of general WSO2 server parameters, including:

  • Server IP address, WSO2 version, operating system type and version, uptime and status
  • Services: active, inactive and faulty
  • Response times: minimum, maximum and average
  • Request statistics: number of requests, mainbgcolorful responses and faulty responses


The plugin enables monitoring and provides a graphical view of WSO2 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) directly in the Verax NMS & APM, including:

  • Runtime:
    • Process name and PID for the JVM.
    • JVM identification string (e.g. Java HotSpot Server 19 VM).
    • Start time and startup options: command line arguments, boot class paths and library paths.
  • Memory & memory pools:
    • Heap and non heap memory usage.
    • Memory consumed by individual memory pools.
    • Detailed list of garbage collectors with name, number of collected objects, collection time and collector status (valid or invalid).
  • Threads:
    • Thread statistics: current number, peak number, total number of threads started since server startup, number of classes loaded/unloaded.
    • Detailed list of all threads with their name, state (runnable, blocked, waiting, etc.), block and wait counts, CPU time and deadlock status.


The plugin enables monitoring and provides a graphical view of configured endpoints (i.e. applications or other entities connected to WSO2 ESB) including:

  • Endpoint name and status (active, suspended)
  • Send and receive totals in bytes
  • Average request and response sizes in bytes


The plugin enables monitoring and provides a graphical view of HTTP and HTTPS transports, including the following parameters:

  • Active thread count
  • Average size received
  • Average size sent
  • Bytes received
  • Bytes sent
  • Faults receiving
  • Faults sending
  • Last reset time
  • Maximum size received
  • Maximum size sent
  • Metrics window
  • Minimum size received
  • Minimum size sent
  • Queue size
  • Timeouts receiving
  • Timeouts sending

Sensors, counters and alarms

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored WSO2 counters listed below. Additional Java/JMX counters can be added as required.

WSO2 performance counter templates
All Time Avg Latency
Last 15 Minute Avg Latency
Last 24 Hour Avg Latency
HTTP Last 5 Minute Avg Latency
HTTP Last 8 Hour Avg Latency
HTTP Last Hour Avg Latency
HTTP Last Minute Avg Latency
HTTPS All Time Avg Latency
HTTPS Last 15 Minute Avg Latency
HTTPS Last 24 Hour Avg Latency
HTTPS Last 5 Minute Avg Latency
HTTPS Last 8 Hour Avg Latency
HTTPS Last Hour Avg Latency
HTTPS Last Minute Avg Latency
Active Thread Count
Avg Size Received (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Avg Size Sent (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Bytes Received (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Bytes Sent (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Faults Receiving (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Faults Sending (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Last Reset Time (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Max Size Received (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Max Size Sent (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Messages Received (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Messages Sent (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Metrics Window (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Min Size Received (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Min Size Sent (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Queue Size (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Timeouts Receiving (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Timeouts Sending (for each HTTP/HTTPS/Sender/Receiver)
Avg System Response Time
Max System Response Time
Min System Response Time
System Fault Count
System Request Count
System Response Count

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