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Microsoft Windows host monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Microsoft Windows host management plugin enables easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting for Microsoft Windows workstations and servers. The plugin uses a mixed model of WMI and SNMP to communicate with managed Windows hosts.

General information view

The view provides a configuration summary for a Windows workstation or a server including:

  • OS version and hardware platform (e.g. Windows 2000 Version 5.1 on Intel x86)
  • CPU and RAM configuration
  • Current uptime
  • Host name, location and administrative contact
  • Date of the last software update
  • High level usage statistics: logged on users, running processes and network interfaces

Logical storage

The view displays information about Windows logical storage (disks and memory) such as storage name, size and current usage.

Long-term storage

The view displays information about Windows long term storage including:

  • List of devices: device ID, access mode (read-only, read-write), media (hard disk, optical drive), removable status and capacity
  • List of partitions for each device: partition ID, type and size
  • File systems: mount points, access modes, bootable status, backup status (full, partial) and others

Processes view

The view provides an overview of currently running processes including:

  • Process image name (e.g. services.exe), path (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32) and command line arguments
  • Process id (PID) and type (OS, service or application)
  • Resource consumption: number of threads spawned by the process and amount of memory used
  • CPU usage chart (busy/available) for each CPU in the system

Installed software view

The view provides detailed view of the installed software including: package name (e.g. Microsoft .NET Framework 4), type (e.g. application) and last modification date (installation or update).

Devices view

The view provides an inventory of physical devices in the system (similar to Windows Device Manager):

  • Type (e.g. network, storage, keyboard, processor, etc.)
  • Name (e.g. D:\, COM1, Intel, etc.)
  • Status (running, off-line)
  • Device error information

Printers view

The view provides a list of all installed printers along with name (e.g. Microsoft XPS Document Writer), description, status and error information.

Network interfaces view

The view provides information on detected network interfaces including:

  • Interface details: index, description (e.g. MS TCP loopback), type (Ethernet, software loopback, etc.), physical address, administrative and operational statuses
  • Interface parameters: link speed, MTU, in/out packet statistics and others

IP configuration view

The view provides detailed information about IP (Internet Protocol) network configuration of a Microsoft Windows host including:

  • General parameters such as TTL, forwarding status and others
  • Routing table: interfaces, destination addresses, next hops, routing protocols and others

Predefined Microsoft Windows monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored Microsoft Windows items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Microsoft Windows monitoring templates
Microsoft Windows CPU Utilization
Microsoft Windows Memory Utilization
Microsoft Windows Free Disk Space
Microsoft Windows Percent Disk Reads Time
Microsoft Windows Percent Disk Writes Time
Microsoft Windows Disk Reads Per Second
Microsoft Windows Disk Writes Per Second
Microsoft Windows Free Memory
Microsoft Windows Interface Input Traffic
Microsoft Windows Interface Output Traffic
Microsoft Windows Interface Inbound Non-unicast Packets
Microsoft Windows Interface Outbound Non-unicast Packets
Microsoft Windows Interface Traffic Ratio
Microsoft Windows Interface Unicast Ratio
Microsoft Windows Interface Discarded Packets Ratio
Microsoft Windows Interface Packets With Errors Ratio
Microsoft Windows Storage Usage
Microsoft Windows Storage Percentage Usage
Microsoft Windows Physical Memory Usage
Microsoft Windows Physical Memory Percentage Usage
Microsoft Windows Virtual Memory Usage
Microsoft Windows Virtual Memory Percentage Usage

Additional sensors

The following additional sensors can be created for a Windows host:

  • Ping
  • TCP
  • SNMP Ping
  • SNMP Custom
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • SSH
  • Radius
  • LDAP
  • DHCP
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • JDBC
  • XML
  • JMX
  • Shell script

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