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Verax Management Agent

Verax Management Agent is an optional software agent running standalone on managed hosts, providing additional monitoring capabilities on behalf of Verax NMS & APM in situations when:

  • Host standard agent is unavailable, or a custom agent is required
  • Host standard agent does not provide all the required management information
  • Monitoring of private networks behind firewalls is required, when port forwarding or VPN is not available
  • Performance data has to be collected locally for precise end-user-experience monitoring
  • Performance data has to be collected locally due to security reasons or license limitations
  • Data collection continuity is required, regardless of network connectivity to the NMS


  • Lightweight (written in C and C++) with minimal disk and memory requirements
  • Support for many types of sensors and performance counters (e.g. shell, JMX, ODBC and others)
  • Rich library of predefined sensors and counters
  • Full control over performance data collection such as polling intervals, execution timeouts, thread pool and others
  • Agent-initiated connection establishment with firewall traversal
  • Embedded, password protected, secure HTTPS server for agent management
  • Watchdog and self-diagnostics ensuring agent health
  • Automatic discovery by Verax NMS & APM
  • Sensors and performance counter charts fully visualized in Verax NMS & APM
  • Configuration GUI in Verax NMS & APM
  • Running as a background daemon (or a Windows service), or in the interactive, command line mode

Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

Verax Management Agent SDK contains source code enabling easy development of custom functionalities and porting to new operating systems.

System requirements

  • Linux: 32- and 64-bit distributions including: Debian, CentOS/RedHat, SuSE and others
  • Windows: any 32- and 64-bit XP and higher
  • UNIX Systems: FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and others
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