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MRV Pro-Vision monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM MRV Pro-Vision management plugin allows umbrella monitoring, alerting, health check and automated Y.1731 performance reporting of customer services on MRV multi-switch networks managed by MRV Pro-Vision service management software.

The plugin uses SOAP for communicating with Pro-Vision instances.

Service inventory

The service inventory displays all services (i.e. VLANS between two WAN endpoints) configured on a Pro-Vision managed MRV network, including:

  • Name
  • Service IP
  • Customer name
  • NNI name
  • UNI name
  • Maintenance associate ID and domain
  • MTU size

Service metrics

The view displays current service metrics for each service, including:

  • Service name, IP and MEP ID
  • Metric sampling window: start date, end date and number of samples taken
  • DS jitter: average, inter arrival, maximum, max sample index, max sample start, minimum, etc.
  • Messages transmitted and received
  • Packet loss
  • RTT
  • SD jitter

Y.1731 reporting

Verax NMS & APM allows automated, scheduled creation of Y.1731 reports in PDF or XLS formats.

A sample Y.1731 report from MRV Pro-Vision

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