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MODBUS monitoring plugin

The plugin allows Verax NMS & APM to monitor industrial devices (e.g. data center’s HVAC infrastructure), through industry standard MODBUS protocol.


  • Full functionality of a MODBUS master device (connected devices are treated as slaves).
  • Support for RTU and ASCII protocols.
  • Support for serial and TCP communications.
  • Configuration of serial port parameters for MODBUS device: port name, baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity (odd, even, none).

Functions, registers and arithmetics

  • Full support for MODBUS functions: read coils, read discrete inputs, read holding registers and read input register.
  • GUI enabling invoking of real-time MODBUS calls (reads registers and parses results) and online register browsing.
  • Configurable register value types (unsigned, signed, length, etc.) and multipliers (x100, x0.1).
  • Configurable formatting of MODBUS returned values (BOOLEAN8, INT16, UNIT16, LONG32, ULONG32 and FLOAT32).

Sensors, counters and alarms

MODBUS plugin is fully integrated with Verax NMS & APM core and enables:

  • Sensors and counters based on results of MODBUS functions calls.
  • Ability to generate alarms (fixed and baseline calculated) on sensor supplied values.
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