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Juniper Router monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Juniper Router management plugin allows easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting of Juniper Networks’ ESR, EX, IRM, J, JCS, M, SRX, T, TX and TXP series routers [1]. The SNMP protocol is used for communicating with the hardware.

General information view

The view presents general configuration information about a router such as:

  • Name, model information and firmware version
  • Hardware serial numbers
  • MAC addresses and uptime
  • Software revisions and last installation date
  • Statistics on internal (red and yellow) Juniper alarms

Containers view

The view provides an insight into Juniper hardware containers (e.g. chassis, fans, power supplies, boards, etc.) and provides the following information:

  • List of all containers (index, view, level, description and count)
  • Information of items assigned to a container (description, serial number, version and revisions, time since installation and part number)
  • Operational information for each container (status, up time, memory and state)

Interfaces view

The view provides an inventory of all network interfaces on the router, along with the information such as: interface type, physical address, operational and administrative status and others. A list of current configuration parameters (e.g. MTU size) and statistics (e.g. packets out) is available for each interface.

Software view

The view provides an inventory of all software packages installed on a router including name (e.g. JUNOS), version type (operating system or application) and installation date.

BGP Peers view

The view provides list of all BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) peers, along with information such as: state, admin status, local IP, remote IP, autonomous systems and others.

Prefix counters table

The view provides list of all prefixes for BGP autonomous systems, along with information such as: AFI index, SAFI index, prefixes received, prefixes accepted, prefixes rejected and prefixes out.

Performance view

The view provides detailed performance statistics for a router, including: CPU usage, heap memory usage, buffer usage, module temperature and others.

Predefined Juniper Router monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored Juniper Router items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Juniper Router monitoring templates
Juniper Router Average delay
Juniper Router CPU load
Juniper Router Component operating status
Juniper Router Component operating temperature
Juniper Router DRAM size
Juniper Router FRU state
Juniper Router LSP utilization
Juniper Router Memory utilization
Juniper Router Non-ATM outbound counters
Juniper Router Outbound counters
Juniper Router Output queue size
Juniper Router Rate of tail dropped packets
Juniper Router Redundancy switch over
Juniper Router Temperature
Juniper Router Buffer usage
Juniper Router Heap usage
Juniper Router Red alarms
Juniper Router Yellow alarms

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[1] Some of the described features may not be present on particular router models.

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