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Juniper BRAS monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Juniper BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) management plugin allows easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting of Juniper’s ERX series BRASes. SNMP is used for communicating with the hardware.

General information view

The view presents general configuration information about a server such as:

  • Name, model information and firmware version
  • System uptime
  • Temperature protection status
  • Memory capacity
  • Number of interfaces
  • Number of slots
  • Number of modules per slot

Advanced view

The view provides detailed hardware configuration information for a BRAS, including: slots, hardware modules inserted, hardware serial numbers, last configuration changes, operational statuses, power and fan statuses.

Performance view

The view provides detailed performance metrics for each BRAS module including:

  • CPU utilization (average, last minute, last 5 minutes)
  • Memory utilization
  • File system utilization
  • Temperature status

Predefined Juniper BRAS server monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored Juniper BRAS items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Juniper BRAS (Broadband Remote Access) monitoring templates
Juniper BRAS Module CPU usage
Juniper BRAS Module File Systems usage
Juniper BRAS Module memory usage
Juniper BRAS Resource usage
Juniper BRAS Temperature
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