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IBM WebSphere monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM IBM WebSphere management plugin enables easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting for IBM WebSphere application servers.

General configuration view

This view displays general WebSphere configuration information including:

  • Server details: name, software version, JVM environment version, used & available memory, uptime and current CPU usage.
  • Heap memory statistics: current, maximum and average consumption.
  • Summary statistics on CPU, memory and heap memory usage.

JDBC pools

The JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) pools view provides detailed information about configure JDBC connection pools and their statistics such as PercentUsedPoolSizeFreePoolSize and others.

Thread pools

The thread pools view provides detailed information about thread pools configured on a WebSphere server as well as individual pool statistics such as PoolSizeActiveCountCreateCount and others.

Servlets and servlet sessions

The servlets view provides a list of servlets for all applications within the WebSphere server as well as their individual statistics such as ServicetimeRequestCountErrorCountand others. Detailed statistics on sessions to each servlet are also provided including information such as ActiveCountLifeTimeTimeSinceLastActivity and others.

General services

This view provides all performance statistics maintained by a WebSphere server such DCSDynamic CachingHAManager and others.

Predefined IBM WebSphere monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored IBM WebSphere items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

IBM WebSphere monitoring templates
WebSphere JVM Runtime.HeapUsage
WebSphere Web services Gateway.AsynchronousResponseCount
WebSphere JVM Runtime.HeapSzie
WebSphere JVM Runtime.UsedMemory
WebSphere JVM Runtime.FreeMemory
WebSphere JVM Runtime.ProcessCpuUsage
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.ActivateCount
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.MethodCallCount
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.PooledCount
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.MessageCount
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.ServerSessionPoolUsage
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.MethodResponseTime
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.ActivationTime
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.WaitTime
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.LoadTime
WebSphere Enterprise Beans.StoreTime
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.CreateCount
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.AllocateCount
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.FaultCount
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.PoolSize
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.FreePoolSize
WebSphere JDBC Connection Pools.PercentUsed
WebSphere Servlet Session Manager.CreateCount
WebSphere Servlet Session Manager.InvalidateCount
WebSphere Servlet Session Manager.ActiveCount
WebSphere Servlet Session Manager.LiveCount
WebSphere Thread Pools.DestroyCount
WebSphere Thread Pools.ActiveCount
WebSphere Thread Pools.PoolSize
WebSphere Thread Pools.CreateCount
WebSphere WebContainer.DestroyCount
WebSphere WebContainer.ActiveCount
WebSphere WebContainer.PoolSize
WebSphere Web Applications.RequestCount
WebSphere Web Applications.ErrorCount
WebSphere Web Applications.LoadedServletCount
WebSphere Web services.ReceivedRequestCount
WebSphere Web services.DispatchedRequestCount
WebSphere Web services.ProcessedRequestCount
WebSphere Web services.LoadedWebServiceCount
WebSphere Web services.LoadedWebServiceCount
WebSphere Web services.ReplyResponseTime
WebSphere Transaction Manager.ActiveCount
WebSphere Transaction Manager.CommittedCount
WebSphere Transaction Manager.RolledbackCount
WebSphere Web services Gateway.SynchronousRequestCount
WebSphere Web services Gateway.SynchronousResponseCount
WebSphere Web services Gateway.AsynchronousRequestCount
WebSphere Web services Gateway.AsynchronousResponseCount
WebSphere JVM Runtime.MemoryUsage
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