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IBM DB2 monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM IBM DB2 management plugin enables easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting for IBM DB2 databases. The plugin supports multiple instances of IBM DB2 9.x and 10.5 running in 32 and 64 bit environments. The communication between Verax NMS & APM and IBM DB2 server(s) takes place via JDBC and SQL queries (no management agent is required on IBM DB2 server).

General information view

The view presents a complete configuration information of an IBM DB2 instance in a single place, including:

  • Host, port, alias and version information.
  • DB2 database properties key/value list (e.g. appl_memory, backup_pending, etc.).

Schemas view

The view provides detailed information about DB2 database schemas including their names, sizes, creation dates, etc.

Tablespaces view

The view provides detailed information about DB2 database tablespaces including their names, owners, page sizes, creation dates, etc.

Tables view

The view enables browsing all DB2 database tables including:

  • Tables: name, schema, number of rows, used and allocated disk space, etc.
  • Columns: name, schema, table name, position, data type, null marker information, etc.

Indexes view

The view provides a summary of all indexes in a DB2 database including names, tabless, columns, etc.

Event log view

The view provides a graphical access to a DB2 database event log for troubleshooting purposes.

Predefined IBM DB2 database monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored IBM DB2 items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

IBM DB2 database monitoring templates
IBM DB2 Applications connected
IBM DB2 Deadlocks
IBM DB2 Failed SQL statements
IBM DB2 Longest running query
IBM DB2 Slow queries (>10s)
IBM DB2 Total CPU time
IBM DB2 Total Activity time
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