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Generic Printer monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Generic Printer management plugin allows easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting of SNMP-enabled printers supporting the SNMPv2, Printer and HOST-RESOURCES-V2 MIBs. The Generic Printer plugin can communicate using SNMP v1, v2 or v3.

General view

The view presents general configuration information about a printer such as:

  • Detailed printer information: model, version, firmware revisions (e.g. Xerox Phaser 7300; System Software Version, Firmware Version, Net V4.00.92 18-05-2009, IOT 1.00.11, PCL5e 5.92, PCL6 5.93, TIFF 0.91.00, SPL 5.32)
  • Name, serial number, uptime, operator, service status
  • Printer status, number of configuration changes and events
  • Error state if present, such as “low toner”

Devices view

The view presents hardware components of a printer (e.g. CPU, RAM cards, scanner, fax, etc.) along with individual statuses and errors.

Alerts view

This view presents printer alerts along with timestamps, severity levels, codes, descriptions and others.

Performance view

This view presents CPU and RAM performance statistics.

Standard MIBs

The Generic Printer supports the standard MIB-2, enabling NMS to define sensors, performance counters, alarms and traps based on standard MIB definitions.

Loading vendor MIBs

Additional MIBs can be loaded via NMS MIB Browser. OIDs from these MIBs can be used to define additional sensors and performance counters as needed.

Predefined Generic Printer monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored printer items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Generic Printer monitoring templates
Generic Printer CPU Usage
Generic Printer Memory Usage
Generic Printer Events Count
Generic Printer Pages Printed
Generic Printer Interface Input Traffic
Generic Printer Interface Output Traffic
Generic Printer Interface Inbound Non-unicast Packets
Generic Printer Interface Outbound Non-unicast Packets
Generic Printer Interface Traffic Ratio
Generic Printer Interface Unicast Ratio
Generic Printer Interface Discarded Packets Ratio
Generic Printer Interface Packets With Errors Ratio

Event processing

Verax NMS & APM provides a set of standard, built-in event processing rules for MIB-2. Additional rules can be defined based on standard and vendor-specific MIB OIDs.

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