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Cisco Router monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Cisco Router management plugin allows easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting of Cisco Systems’ routers via Cisco SNMP MIBs.

General information view

The view presents general configuration information about a router such as:

  • Hardware configuration: model, serial number and name
  • Firmware version, uptime, last change dates for running and startup configurations
  • List of all system parameters such as: sysConfigName, romId, bootHost, along with their descriptions

Hardware view

The view provides detailed information about router hardware configuration including:

  • Chassis type (e.g. c1841), version (e.g. 5.0), ID (e.g. FCZ092423N3)
  • Processor RAM size in bytes
  • Current configuration register and next reload value)
  • Expansion cards inventory with the following information:
    • Index
    • Card type (e.g. wic-serial-1t)
    • Description (e.g. WAN Interface Card-Serial)
    • Serial number
    • Hardware version of the expansion card
    • Firmware version of the expansion card
    • Slot number
    • Card operational status
  • Physical entities inventory
  • Flash devices inventory

Internet Protocol view

The view displays current IP configuration including:

  • IP routing table: destination IP addresses, metrics (1 through 5), next hops, type, protocol, age and mask
  • IP address table: address, mask, broadcast address bit, maximum IP datagram size and others
  • List of IP security parameters and statistics (e.g. Cryptomap sets, ISAKMP enabled, etc.)


The view provides detailed information about VLANs and Cisco VTP (VLAN Trunk Protocol) configuration including:

  • General configuration information: VTP version, max VLAN storage, VLAN notifications
  • Detailed list of VTP management domains:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Last change and IP address that was used to make the change
    • Activity status
    • TFTP server and pathname
    • Pruning state
    • Current version and others
  • List of VLANs for each domain. The following information is available for each VLAN:
    • Operational state
    • Type (e.g. Ethernet)
    • Name (e.g. fddi-default)
    • MTU
    • 802.10 SAID
    • Ring and bridge numbers
    • STP type
    • Parent VLSN
    • Translational VLANs (#1 and #2)
    • Bridge type
    • ARE and STE hop counts
    • CRF backup and others

NAT view

The view provides current NAT (Network Address Translation) information including:

  • Network address and port translation bindings:
    • Local address and port
    • Protocol
    • Global address and port
    • Direction (uni- or bi-directional)
    • Current idle time
    • Transmitted inbound and outbound packet counts
  • Translation statistics (in a per protocol type breakdown, e.g. TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc):
    • NAT inbound packets translated
    • NAT outbound packets translated
    • Reject count

Interfaces view

The view provides an inventory of all network interfaces on the router including:

  • Index and name (e.g. FastEthernet0/0)
  • Type (e.g. ethernetCsmacd)
  • Physical address
  • Connector type (e.g. rj-45, db-60, etc.)
  • Administrative and operational statuses
  • Current configuration parameters (e.g. MTU size, NetFlow enabled, etc.) and statistics (e.g. packets out, excessive collisions) for each interface.
  • Queue and sub-queue information: associated interface, type, message limit, depth, packet discards and others.

Messages view

The view provides information about notification messages displayed on console and sent via syslog.

Terminal view

The view provides information about terminals (consoles) configured on a Cisco router including:

  • General configuration: number of terminal lines, message text, banners and others
  • Line details for each terminal: terminal type, input and output speed (in baud), modem, idle time, number of current sessions and others

Performance view

The view provides current performance information for:

  • Processes: name, time created, average CPU time, CPU busy time (5 sec., 1 min and 5 min.) allocated memory, priority and others
  • Memory pools: name, valid status, bytes used, bytes available, largest free block available

Predefined Cisco Router monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored Cisco Router items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Cisco Router monitoring templates
Cisco Router Big Buffer Hits
Cisco Router Big Buffer Misses
Cisco Router Buffer Create Failures
Cisco Router Buffer Failures
Cisco Router CPU Utilization
Cisco Router Chassis Temperature
Cisco Router Memory Utilization
Cisco Router Free Memory
Cisco Router Medium Buffer Hits
Cisco Router Medium Buffer Misses
Cisco Router Small Buffer Misses
Cisco Router Total Huge Buffer Hits
Cisco Router Total Huge Buffer Misses
Cisco Router Total Large Buffer Hits
Cisco Router Total Large Buffer Misses
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