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Apache Tomcat monitoring plugin

Verax NMS & APM Apache Tomcat management plugin enables easy monitoring, alerting, health check, management and performance reporting for Apache Tomcat servers (server version 4.x with Java version 1.5 or higher are supported). JMX is used as communications protocol.

General information view

The view provides general configuration information for a Tomcat instance, such as:

  • Operating system platform and version.
  • JVM information (version, vendor, 32- or 64- bit).
  • Average response times and control ports.
  • Summary of busy and current threads per each Tomcat connector.


The applications view provides detailed information about installed, running and suspended applications. Usage summary including current sessions, peak sessions, servlet performance, application status, invalid requests and other statistics is available for each running application.

The view lists all configured connectors including information such as: TCP port, protocol used (e.g. HTTP), security status (secure or non-secure connection), redirect port and maximum size allowed for POST operation. The view also provides information about currently configured thread pools including information such as: number of threads that are currently busy, total threads created by the connector and maximum spare threads.

Request processors view

This view provides detailed information about request processors configured in the Apache Tomcat application server including: URI, worker, total requests serviced, number of failed requests, bytes sent and received, maximum and total processing time and others.

JVM view

This view presents statistics on various JVM aspects including:

  • Runtime:
    • Process name and PID for the JVM.
    • JVM identification string (e.g. Java HotSpot Server 19 VM).
    • Start time and startup options: command line arguments, boot class paths and library paths.
  • Memory & memory pools:
    • Heap and non heap memory usage.
    • Memory consumed by individual memory pools.
    • Detailed list of garbage collectors with name, number of collected objects, collection time and collector status (valid or invalid).
  • Threads:
    • Thread statistics: current number, peak number, total number of threads started since server startup, number of classes loaded/unloaded.
    • Detailed list of all threads with their name, state (runnable, blocked, waiting, etc.), block and wait counts, CPU time and deadlock status.

Predefined Apache Tomcat monitoring templates

The plugin provides predefined templates for most commonly monitored Apache Tomcat items (listed in the table below). Other, user-defined sensors and performance counters can be added.

Apache Tomcat monitoring templates
Apache Tomcat Free Physical Memory Size
Apache Tomcat Unloaded Class Count
Apache Tomcat Process CPU Time
Apache Tomcat PS Perm Gen Usage
Apache Tomcat Heap Memory usage
Apache Tomcat Non-Heap Memory Usage
Apache Tomcat PS Old Gen Usage
Apache Tomcat PS Eden Space Usage
Apache Tomcat PS Survivor Space Usage
Apache Tomcat PS Scavenge Collection Count
Apache Tomcat PS MarkSweep Collection Count
Apache Tomcat Thread Count
Apache Tomcat Daemon Thread Count
Apache Tomcat Loaded Class Count
Apache Tomcat Free Swap Space Size
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