Verax NMS & APM

> Monitoring capabilities

Unified monitoring of 3000+ standard applications, hosts and devices

Verax NMS & APM monitoring supports over 3000 types of applications, hosts, network devices and data center infrastructure elements:

  • SNMP v1, v2, v3 and RMON hosts and devices such as routers, switches and firewalls.
  • Windows, Linux and UNIX hosts: FreeBSD, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX.
  • Applications running under Microsoft Windows supporting WMI such as Exchange, IIS, SharePoint and others.
  • .NET applications.
  • JMX-Java applications including application servers (Apache Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish and others), middleware such as WSO2, transaction brokers and others.
  • JDBC-compliant databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, Firebird and others.
  • Wide range of built-in sensors including: PING, SNMP PING, SNMP OID, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, SQL, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, WMI, TCP port, DNS, SSH, LDAP, RADIUS, DHCP, NTP, JMX, JDBC and others.
  • Additional customized sensors available via shell scripting.

Additional advanced management extension plugins

Verax NMS & APM provides application or equipment specific plugins enable functions beyond simple monitoring such as: automated health checks, application or hardware specific management GUIs, executing element-specific management actions (e.g. restart, traceroute, etc.), complex alarm and event processing and detailed performance reporting.

Generic extension plugins

Workstations and servers

Standard SNMP devices

Data Center Infrastructure

  • IP security cameras (Sanyo, IQEye and others)
  • Access control systems (Suprema BioStar and others)
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Power supplies (Emerson,
    APC, Lovato, Liebert and others)
  • Air conditioning (Emerson
    and others)
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