Verax NMS & APM

Verax NMS & APM provides a service-oriented, unified monitoring of networks, applications and infrastructure enabling quick problem detection, root-cause analysis and shortening downtimes of IT service delivery.

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Single pane of glass

Enjoy a unified service-oriented view of networks, applications and infrastructure without jumping between multiple monitoring applications.

With the support of thousands of different types of application, device and data centre infrastructure elements, you get complete visibility of how individual components are performing and their impact on business services.

Consolidate you monitoring and reduce the number of vendor specific EMS systems with support for both agent and agentless monitoring.

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Built-in automation rules

Save time by reducing the number of manually performed tasks using predefined, ready-to-use, automation rules and procedures.

Automation rules can range from simple tasks like restarting a process, through to increasing rollback segment size on an Oracle database as well as more elaborate scenarios such as network routing reconfiguration in case of outage.

With event correlation, service status calculation and automated actions you get the building blocks for creating advanced automation procedures, such as disaster recovery, fault correction and network recovery actions.

Multi-site infrastructure monitoring

Verax NMS & APM offers a hierarchical arrangement in which the network management and application monitoring function is split between the remote and the central locations. Verax Systems has defined this as a federated approach to monitoring.

  • Geographically distributed enterprises with multiple branch offices.
  • Managed service providers for managing their clients’ infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications operators to manage regional, state and national networks.

The federated approach allows for the creation of a globally distributed monitoring system that allows the remote locations to operate autonomously and keep the central location aware of business operations.

Unparalleled level of customisation

Get an unparalleled level of customisation across the entire system using: performance monitors, automation scenarios, reports, and dashboards.

The business service modeling capabilities and flexible architecture gives you the power to freely create, model, and group your existing infrastructure components to fully reflect the current status of your organisation.

With a plugin based architecture and our Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom extension development you can easily integrate custom and legacy hardware and software.

Agent and agentless monitoring with firewall traversal

Verax NMS & APM supports agent and agentless monitoring. In majority of cases, agentless monitoring (e.g. via JMX or SQL queries) or using standard, vendor-provided agents (such as SNMP agent) are sufficient. In addition, Verax Management Agent can be deployed when:

  • No agent is available or a custom agent is required.
  • Standard agent does not provide all the required management information.
  • Monitoring of private networks behind firewalls is required, when port forwarding or VPN is not available.
  • Data has to be collected locally (e.g. due to security reasons or license limitations).

Support for both agent and agentless monitoring enables Verax NMS & APM to offer extreme flexibility and ability to address virtually any monitoring challenges.

“Verax NMS has proved its worth many times over by notifying our clinical teams of study downtime before hospitals and research centre staff were aware of any issues. It provides CTEPs support team with information in realtime and provides the reassurance only a well designed monitoring tool can.”

Steve Tee, CTO, Clinical Trial End Point (CTEP)

Case studies

Learn how leading companies simplified their IT infrastructure management

National optical/MPLS/IP network
Enabling one of the Europe’s largest fiber optical networks to reduce human-effort needed to perform advanced network management operations.

Fast growing WiFi service provider
Proactively monitor their data center, applications (billing, payments and network edge access) as well as the entire WiFi network.

Nationwide DVB-T brodcasting operator
Proactively monitoring of nationwide DVB-T digital television network and robust SLA compliance reporting.

Large enterprise (utilities) private ATM network
Learn how one of the top energy industry groups in Europe proactively monitors its mission-critical ATM network.

Virtualization service provider
See how leading provider of virtualization services integrated its management of data center and virtualization infrastructure

Managed service monitoring (clinical trials system)
Monitor infrastructure and applications to improve SLA levels and client-experienced quality of service.

System requirements

Commercial: Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, 2016, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Open source: Linux and Open Solaris.

CPU: Dual-core running at 2 GHz.

RAM: 1 GB of free, available RAM for NMS & APM, additional 1 GB when the database is running on the same host.

Disk space: 1 GB for NMS & APM, additional 3 GB (4 GB total) when the database is running on the same host.

Commercial: Oracle (version 10 or higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher).

Free: Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Please contact us for information on CPU, RAM and disk requirements for your installation.

Desktop: Any web browser supporting Adobe Flash version 9 or higher including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.

Mobile: Any browser supporting HTML and JavaScript including iPad/iPhone, Android and other smartphones and tablets (no Flash required).

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