Customer Care & Billing

Verax Customer Care & Billing (CCB) enables prepaid and postpaid billing of products and services. It unifies four business applications (Customer Care, Product Catalog, Self Care and Billing) into one, reducing the cost and time required for integration and enabling quick time-to-market.

  • Post-sale CRM.
  • Unlimited account hierarchy.
  • Custom pricing, promotions, discounts for individual account at any level in the hierarchy.
  • Ability to handle both single or multiple contracts per customer with various terms and conditions.
  • Full contracts change history.
  • Automatic contract renewal.
  • Full financial data – invoices, payments, accounting operations.
  • Accounts ageing process – notifications, automatic service suspension and termination.
  • User-defined account and contract life-cycle with ability to trigger actions in 3rd party systems.
  • History of customer-related incidents (from Verax Service Desk).
  • Grouping accounts by multiple factors e.g. credit class, billing batch, geographical region.
  • Self Care Portal access management.
  • Attachments – internal and exposed via Self Care Portal.
  • Full account history.
  • Build-in import and export.feature (customers, contracts, invoices etc.).
  • Metrics calculation (MRR, TCV) both on account and contract level.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support.
  • Business and supporting services inventory.
  • Multiple rate plans and cost plans per service support.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Various charges model support e.g. flat fee, per unit, tier, volume.
  • Product and rate plans segments by various factors: geographical region, credit class.
  • Product hierarchy, bundles and dependencies management.
  • Additional, user-defined product provisioning information.
  • User-defined product and rate plans life-cycle with ability to trigger actions in 3rd party systems.
  • Configurable max subscription time limit per rate plan.
  • Configurable max usage limit per rate plan.
  • Full change history.
  • Retrieval of usage data (UDRs/CDRs) from various sources.
  • In advance or in areas charge calculation.
  • Customizable invoice templates with summary data only, or with detailed line-item data.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Customizable payment terms.
  • Build-in taxation module (GST, VAT) with tax exempt feature.
  • Ability to use 3rd party tax engine.
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled bill process runs.
  • Automatic invoices delivery (e-mail, SMS).
  • Various bill process configuration: include particular charge type only, particular bill batch, particular billing day or even particular accounts.
  • Customer self-management of:
    • General personal information.
    • Contracts overview.
    • Invoices (due and past invoices and current account balance, etc.).
    • Issues – current and past with full incident history, etc. – available with Verax Service Desk.
  • On-line ordering of additional products and services.
  • Fully customizable – a framework with configurable styles (CSS), layouts (HTML) and graphics.
  • Secure, standalone application separated from rest of the customer care and billing.
  • Customer equipment (CE) inventory with current status, active and past alarms, availability and outage history (from Verax NMS & APM).
  • Voucher management for generating, distributing and tracking various types of vouchers, such as scratch cards, authorization codes, bonus packages, etc.
  • Sites and circuits.
  • Management of resellers and service providers.
  • Service address for provisioning and network planning.
  • Most popular products and rate plans.
  • MRR and TCV change over last week, last month, last year.
  • Most unpopular products and rate plans.
  • Number of customers added/removed this week, month, quarter, year.
  • Average revenue per user last year.
  • Amount invoiced/collected this month, last month, quarter, semi-annual, year.
  • Generation of reports in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats.
  • Graphically designed report templates.
  • Scheduled report generation times (e.g. every Friday at 5 PM).
  • Configurable report retention times.
  • Automatic report distribution via email to the configured user groups.
  • Security profiles associated with each user defining: password strengths, session timeouts, idle timeouts and others.
  • Access to data (e.g. incidents in particular categories) limited on a per user group basis.
  • Security audit log providing full information on user logins (timestamp, host IP address, success, failure), logouts and denied operations with a graphical interface.
  • Event log for tracing system and user events (e.g. new object added, object deleted, etc.).
  • Logging & tracing services configurable at runtime.
  • Secure communications bus between client and server, ensuring that all exchanged data is encrypted.
  • An easy to use Web 2.0 application.
  • Advanced data filtering with user-defined, persistent filter configurations.
  • User configurable selection of visible/hidden columns.
  • Text search capable of searching not only in a database but also in attachments such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files.
  • CSV imports and exports for subscribers, products and other items.
  • On-line help.

System requirements

Commercial: Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, 2016, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX.

Open source: Linux and Open Solaris.

Commercial: Oracle (version 10 or higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher).

Free: Oracle Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Verax Asset Management & Service Desk runs on any web browser supporting Adobe Flash technology version 9 or higher, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others.